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iNTERACT© eHR is a portal based integrated Human Resources eBusiness Suite that is developed using an Adaptable Evolutionary eBusiness Architecture. It is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that covers all aspects of Human Resources Management over the Net. Unlike other HR products, where internet support was added only as an afterthought, and where the product supports only one HR model, iNTERACT© was conceived as an application that supports multiple HR models and business practices, with rich internet and business features that cover all aspects of human and manpower management based on the best practices in the industry.

Engineered using an intuitive multilingual User Interface framework, which handles the front-end, an HR business components framework that deals with HR business logic, and a backend database services framework

At the heart of interact is an R3 (Rules, Roles, and Routes) compliant Workflow, known as iWorkflow, which is used by all iNTERACT© applications to handle HR review, assessment, approval, and HR actions and associated activities.

iNTERACT Applications are designed to support HR business processes within an Enterprise environment consisting of multi-employers with unlimited number of employees.

iNTERACT© consists of a set of integrated rich internet applications including:

  • iJob - Job Classification System
  • iOrganization – Organization Management System
  • iPosition – Position Budgeting and Control System
  • iRecruit – Recruitment Management System
  • iOrg – Organization Self Service
  • iApplicant – Applicant Self Service
  • iContract – Employee Contract Management
  • iEmployee – Employee Self Service
  • iTime – Attendance and Leave Tracking
  • iPay – Compensation and Payroll Management
  • iPassVisa – Passport and Visa Tracking
  • iPerformance – Employee Performance Evaluation
  • iCareer – Career Planning System
  • iSuccession – Succession Planning
  • iTrain – Training Management System


iNTERACT© applications can be deployed to support the business operation of one or more employers within an enterprise, where each employer will have its own policies and procedures supported by iNTERACT HR business suite. The business entities that have a role in the HR business process model supported by iNTERACT© include Enterprise, Employer, Organization Unit, Employee, Applicant, and Recruiter

iNTERACT© applications can be deployed to support different business policies and rules by employer, while consolidating reporting at the enterprise level. iNTERACT© can be setup for a total distributed business operation while providing centralized consolidated reporting for planning, programming, operation, and financial management and manpower planning. iNTERACT© User Interface Model is based on an intuitive rich multilingual UI utilizing MyPage Model., where each user of iNTERACT gets specific MyPage that is tailored to the activities of that user.

All MyPages have the same look and feel and are accessible through the Internet Browser from anywhere using an Internet connection. While external MyPages including Organization Unit MyPage, Employee MyPage, Applicant MyPage, and Recruiter MyPage limit the user to accessing specific system features and data/information, internal MyPages including MyPage for Enterprise and Employer users can have access to all system functionality and data depending on the definition of the access provided to the internal user.

iNTERACT© provides flexible adaptable technology tools that enable your organization to streamline its HR operation and covers all aspects of manpower planning and management including manpower planning and position budgeting, recruitment, contract management and hiring, compensation and payroll management, leave planning, time and attendance tracking, career planning, succession planning, and employee education and training.iNTERACT HR Applications provide a large number of pre-built standard HR reports in support of management, programming, and operation reporting. Additionally any Reporting tool such as Crystal© Reports can be used to generate user-specific reports.

Employee Contract Management
Feature-rich employment contract management including conversion of employment offer to contract, creating new contract without offer, contract amendment, with amendment history tracking, contract renewal, and termination. User defined contract review process through the workflow.

Employee Self Service
Once the employee joins the organization he/she has access to the employee self-service whereby the employee can view his/her contract, earning, benefits, allowances, bonuses, and commission, leave entitlement as well as leave accruals, submit leave requests, submit visa requests, submit time/.attendance sheet, as well as conduct specific related HR tasks such as conduct interviews of new applicants, conduct performance review of employees, and others assigned HR activities.

Attendance and Leave Tracking
Work schedule based attendance system, enabling the definition of the employee work schedule by employee group or by employee and the tracking of attendance against work schedule with a transparent interface to the compensation and payroll system, whereby the attendance time sheet is used to generate the payroll Auto Time Sheet (ATS). Leave management including the definition of all leave entitlements by employee group and by employee and assignment of leave plans for each employee, as well as leave accruals against leave entitlements. Employees will be able to submit leave requests electronically, which are reviewed and approved by the concerned organization unit as well as the HR Department. Control of return from leave for the purpose of late returns and actual leave taken against requested.

Compensation and Payroll Management
A comprehensive payroll/compensation management which is totally integrated with employee contract management system and attendance and leave tracking system. Supports both timesheet and deliverable based earnings. Supports multiple earnings, benefits, allowances, commissions, standard deductions, and taxes. Supports payroll best practices including Auto Time Sheet generation, default time sheet, multiple trial payroll runs, and final payroll run with comprehensive audit trail. Supports both payroll check printing as well as electronic payroll bank deposits. Extensive standard payroll reports and multicurrency support.

Passport and Visa Tracking
For employers with expatriate employees, this application is used to capture employee and dependents passport information, track passport location, and manages the process of visa request and issuance with imbedded alert system for visa and passport expiration. Visa request processing which is integrated with the leave management system. Automatic conversion of visa request to external government visa application form. Visa and passport history.

Job Classification System
A comprehensive job classification system that supports both grade and point classification systems combined with an extensive set of attributes that covers basic job information definition, job classification definition, restrictions, education requirements, experience requirements, skills requirements, job description, and default interview questions. The byproduct of the definition of jobs through the job classification system is a Job Catalogue that uniquely defines all jobs used by the organization. Once the job catalogue is defined all job information and associated controls and rules are inherited by all iNTERACT© applications.

Organization Management System
Enables you to define the organization units of your company, thus building the organization structure of your organization including the reporting relationship and with no limit on the number of levels in the organization structure. Additionally, it enables you to define which organization unit is the HR Department, which will automatically through the workflow management system identifies the activities/tasks that need to be routed to HR, and which activities are to be routed to other organization units.

Position Budgeting and Control System
Fiscal Year based position budgeting at any level of the organization, whereby position budget can be defined, reviewed, and approved for each organization unit, then automatically consolidated for the purpose of manpower planning. Once the position budget is approved, then it can be used to control recruitment and hiring as well compensation management and control.

Recruitment Management System
A streamlined requisition based recruitment system that supports both internal and external recruitment, where recruitment contracts as well as invoicing for external recruitment services is all conducted electronically through the internet. Supports requisition against position budget, review and approval of requisition, applicant/application registration over the net, multiple level of screening of applicants/applications, user defined screening indicators, scheduling of applicant interview with no limit on the number of interviews, automatic notification for interviewers, user defined screening, assessment, and interview parameters, job offer notification, automatching applicants to requisitions, and applicant/application search.

Organization Self Service
Organization unit HR self-service over the net, enabling each organization unit to conduct its HR related work electronically including position budgeting, issuing recruitment requisitions, review of employment offers, employment contracts' review, timesheet review and approval, employee performance review, and organization unit based request of HR actions.

Applicant Self Service
Enables new job applicant to register over the net, and submit applications with automatch preferences, which enables the applicant to automatically receive notices of the job vacancies that meet their qualifications. Additionally applicants can search for specific job vacancy. Applicant interview scheduling and confirmation, receipt of Job Offer, and employment contract.

Succession Planning
Tracks and marks those critical jobs/positions which require succession due to retirement, termination, or other termination actions, and devise effective action for identifying internal employees or external applicants who can be prepared for succession. For internal employees, career plans can be setup to prepare the employees for assignment to the positions/jobs that are upcoming for succession.

Career Planning System
Supports a 5-Step career planning model including Self-assessment, Direction, Gap Analysis, Planning, and Implementation. The career plan goals are linked to specific training programs/courses which are implemented and assessed through the training management system.

Training Management System
Supports both external and internal training management, with extensive tools for defining training courses and requirements, learning resources definition, internal and external instructors management, course/training scheduling, employee training registration, training attendance tracking, training assessment, and post-training performance assessment. Transparent interface to performance evaluation, career planning, and succession planning.

Employee Performance Evaluation
360-degree based performance evaluation system with user defined evaluation parameters and automatic generation of performance evaluation forms with multiple evaluation blocks where each evaluation block/section with associated parameters can be assigned to a different employee/supervisor for assessment and recommendations. Multiple evaluators per evaluation, unlimited number of evaluations per employee, predefined evaluation activities through the workflow with auto-notification. Integrated with Career Planning and Training Management.

All iNTERACT applications are multilingual and support right to left languages including Arabic and provide support for multiple calendars including Hijjri and other lunar calendars. The User Interface is consistent and maintain the same behavior when the user changes from one language/region to another.

A comprehensive Granular Access Control (GAC) based Security System and associated framework is used by all iNTERACT applications and enables the authorized user to define the required security policy while providing the just-right access level to both internal and external users of iNTERACT applications. Combined with the security system is an Audit Trail Management System that enables the user to track and monitor all changes made to the organization data by any user.

Using the MyPage UI Desktop with the Quality Management engine, HR KPI can be built in any form or format (e.g., Dashboard) and presented to the user for the purpose of monitoring performance against specific predefined performance metric. Each user can be presented with his/her own KPI view in MyPage Desktop.

The underlying technology behind iNTERACT HR Compensation & Payroll Management System (iPay) is Interact Class Based Payroll Engine, engineered to run using the Net to deliver fast payroll execution, while providing high performance, reliable, audited payroll business process.

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